When you’re traveling to a new country it’s important to try to speak the local language. Even if you stumble over a few words, the locals will see that you’re trying and that effort goes a long way. So take a few minutes, do some research and learn a few words. In this post, we will give you a very basic overview of important Thai phrases for your trip to Thailand.

A general note about the language:

In Thailand, people use “krap” (for a male speaker), and “ka” (for a female speaker), at the end of their sentences. It is polite to use these endings so in our language guide below we’ve included krap/ka onto the end of many phrases. Additionally, Thai people sometimes will use krap or ka to affirm something. For example, if you ask someone “is this the right way to the temple?” That person might simply reply with “krap” or “ka”, to confirm it is the correct direction.

The Basics:

Hello– Sawa dee krap/ka

Goodbye– Lagawn krap/ka (used when you won’t be seeing a person for a while)

Thank you– Khop khun krap/ka

Excuse me– Koh tod krap/ka

Yes– Chai

No– Mai

Maybe– Aaja

How are you?– Khun sabai di mai krap/ka?

What is your name?– Khun chu arai krap/ka?

Do you speak English?– Puut pasaa Angrit dai mai krap/ka?

I don’t understand– Mai kao jai

Toilet– Hong nam

Where is the toilet? Hong nam yu nai?

Help– Chuay duay


AirportSanaam bin

Taxi– Taak-see

BusRot bas

Where is the train station?– Satannee lot fai far yuu tee nai krap/ka?


How much? Nee tao rai?

I want–  Phom/chan dong gaan

Too expensive- Pang pai

Can you give me a little discount?– Cor lot nid noi dai mai krap/ka?


Water– Nam

Ice Naam keng

Tasty– Aroy

A little bit– Nit noi

Not Spicy– Mai phet

A little Spicy– Phet nit noi

Really Spicy– Phet mak

No sugar please Mai sai nam tam

Spoon– Chawn

Knife– Meet


I would like to order– Sang aa-haan

One bottle of water please– Cor nam nueng kuwad krap/ka


One– Neung

Two– Song

Three– Sam

Four– See

Five– Haa

Six– Hok

Seven– Jet

Eight– Paed

Nine– Gow

Ten– Sip

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