Cape Town is a city by the sea! The water may be cold but the waves are worth it. In a recent post we reviewed three surf spots that have rental equipment available on-site. For those of you who brought your own board and wetsuit, you can hit some beaches that are closer to the city. If you are short on time, these are three great Cape Town spots to get in a quick surf session.

Clifton Beaches:

Park on scenic Victoria Road and take one of the many staircases down the hill to the beach. The Clifton beaches are divided by large boulders that you have to climb over at high tide. In between the 1st and 2nd beach,  you’ll find a small rock about 30-50 yards out in the water where there is often a short right for you. You can also find several peaks up and down the shoreline. Since the most common swell comes from the southwest, the surf is on the northern, less protected end of the beach. There are no shops here, but plenty of guys selling drinks and umbrellas on the beach. The waves aren’t stellar but it is the closest beach to town.

Glen Beach:

Glen Beach is separated from Camps Bay Beach by a boulder formation on the northern end of the strip. You can park anywhere in town and head over to this quiet surf spot. There is a large boulder formation that creates a small cove with some solid waves. It can hold a decent swell up to about head high. The water is crystal clear like the Caribbean, but don’t be fooled and leave your wetty at home! Just down the street, there are plenty of eateries and drinkeries if you need anything to warm up after your surf.

Llandudno Beach:

About ten minutes south of Camps Bay you’ll find the quiet, picturesque bouldered inlet of Llundudno. There are no shops and limited parking, but don’t let that discourage you as it’s well worth the walk down. You’ll almost always find a few surfers in the water who will help you find the peaks of the day. This is a somewhat sheltered cove that can protect from cross/onshore winds.

In addition to these three spots, there are also a few breaks right in the city. The Wedge is a well-known spot if you’re alright will polluted waters. Sometimes you can also find a break off of the Sea Point Pavillion. If the waves are big enough, they will break just outside the jagged rocks.

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