Thailand toilet-Do expect your fair share of “squatty potties.” Do always carry toilet paper with you; don’t flush it down the toilet

-Don’t engage in PDA and don’t express anger in public. It is considered disrespectful

-Don’t rent a motorbike if you are not an experienced rider

dogs chiang mai-Don’t pet stray dogs- we know they’re cute

-Don’t wear tank tops or shorts to a temple and take off your shoes before you go inside


-Do try Khao Soi (or Khanom Jeen, for those more daring)

-Do buy lots of delicious street food. Don’t eat at stalls that don’t look sanitary and have food baking in the sun

Mango Sticky Rice

-Do eat mango sticky rice as often as possible

-Do make sure you stop by some of our favorite restaurants


Thai cooking class Chiang mai-Do learn how to cook traditional Thai dishes at Zabb-e-lee Cooking School



songtheaw chiang mai-Do ride in a songthaew. Don’t fall out of the back! 

-Do take a tuk-tuk ride. Don’t forget to bargain your fare


Thai massage-Do get a Thai massage. Don’t be alarmed if they bend your body in ways you didn’t think were possible

-Do observe monks collecting alms; don’t be a jerk about it and interfere with the ritual by taking photos up close

Doi Suthep-Do visit Doi Suthep before 8:30 am to avoid the crowds. Do hike up if you’re feeling adventurous

-Do visit one of Chiang Mai’s many markets. Don’t miss our favorite, the Sunday Night Market


chiang mai cabaret-Do catch a show at Chiang Mai Cabaret. Don’t go without small bills for tips (they will ask your for it) 

-Do get out on the water and head to Huay Tung Tao Lake 

Doi Inthanon-Do visit Doi Inthanon National Park


-Do get visit the Sticky Waterfall

-Don’t ride elephants; do support elephant conservation at Elephant Nature Park. Do learn how to interact ethically with these amazing creatures


Camp Chiang Mai-Do visit Camp if you need fast internet; don’t spend too much time working


-Do share this list with anyone you know traveling to Chiang Mai


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