If you haven’t heard of Momondo, you are missing out of some pretty awesome deals. Just to give you an idea of the magic Momondo can work, we found flights from South Africa to Dubai and then to San Francisco for around $500 TOTAL (during peak travel season). Every other site we searched was at least double the cost.

Momondo compares fares from over 700 travel sites and brings you the best prices for your desired flight. Many other websites and apps claim to do the same, but somehow we find that Momondo always comes back with the cheapest option. Plus, both the app and the website are easy to use and have great sorting tools that allow the user to mix and match routings to find the best flight deal.

One of our favorite things about Momondo is that if you’re looking for a getaway but not sure where to go, in the destination field enter “search flights to anywhere” and it will give you average costs for destinations around the world. Also, if you are using their full website (not the app) use their “trip finder” section as a tool to search for exciting new destinations based on your location preferences and travel style.

What We Love: The ability to search any destination


“When to fly and buy” – their slogan says it all. They’ve created a fantastically easy mobile app, only, to help you figure out the best time to travel between destinations. You plug in two places, and it shows you the next 11 months of flight prices, predictions, routes and notifications.

On top of that Hopper can help you figure out the best time to travel and the best time to book a flight. After plugging in your intended destination, Hopper will show the average flight costs over the next 11 months along with cost predictions, and data-driven analysis and predictions of what if it’s the best time to buy. You opt to “watch” flights which will set up an alert system that will update you on big price swings for the flight you are watching.

Other than missing a few airlines in its aggregation, this is one of our favorite apps to use if we’re not locked into specific dates. One other note: if you’re booking a multi-destination itinerary, Hopper can’t help you. It might be able to help you gauge rough patterns, but Momondo will help you most with that. 

What We Love: Price prediction technology that allows up to know when to buy.

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