When it comes to travel underwear, it’s worth the splurge. Your overall comfort on a 12+ hour flight will be greatly influenced by your coziness below the belt. I’d like to share my experience with two of the top brands. I base my rating off of comfort (fit), dry-ability, breathability, durability.

Icebreaker Men’s Anatomica Boxers with Fly
83% Wool/12% Nylon/5% Elastane

Icebreaker is one of the leading brands for merino wool products. You definitely get what you pay for here – a quality product that will last. These undies are made of 80% wool so they are breathable and dry quickly. I’ve worn these puppies for three straight days and they passed my sniff test. They are extremely comfortable, but it’s important to note that they have a  tight, snug fit. There is no extra fabric in the crotch area, so their fit is similar to compression shorts. This tight fit can be great because there is no scrunching of material up against your outside layer. However it is definitely worth knowing that they are snug before you buy. The one qualm I do have with these undies is the fly. The sides of the fly opening overlap more than other boxers and with the tight fit, it makes it somewhat hard to utilize when standing at the urinal. I often find it easier to just go up and over defeating the purpose of the fly altogether. Perhaps this is because I am at the upper size limit of their Medium, but I find it to be excessive and unnecessary.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go® Boxer Brief
94% nylon, 6% spandex

The Give-N-Go boxers are made for travel. They dry quickly, are moisture wicking and they have odor resistant antimicrobial properties. Even though merino wool is touted as the preferred fabric for travel this nylon product feels good down low. The boxers are light and dry quickly because of the “Diamond-woven mesh knit” texture. This fabric pattern also makes them super comfy to wear for extended periods. They have a much looser fit than the Ice Breakers. The crotch has more space to breath and the fly provides true accessibility. The boxers have a nice stretchiness to them for added flexibility.

While I haven’t experienced this yet, some people say the Nylon based product doesn’t mask odor as well as merino wool. Time will tell if the anti-microbial properties wear off, but they’re doing their job for me so far. 

The main difference between these two pairs is the fit. The Ice breakers are snug and the ExOfficio undies fit slightly looser. I would recommend both highly, but men should be aware of the different fits and their own preferences. While I would prefer the ExOfficio, everyone should choose on their own needs regardless of price – This is not a place to skimp!

By. Taro

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