Organizing your travel budget can be tough especially if you are going away for a long time and staying in lots of different hotels. Spreadsheets can be your best friend. Not only will a spreadsheet help you map out your budget beforehand, if created correctly, they can help you stay organized while you’re enjoying your adventure.

When we create a travel budget we always like to list the most information possible. Don’t just put the hotel name and cost; you can list check-in dates, flight numbers, confirmation codes, etc. That way when you are creating your budget pre-trip, you can enter in all the information once and take the same sheet of paper with you on your trip to stay organized. You’ll have all your confirmation codes and necessary information while on the trip just from your budget sheet. A lot of people keep budgets separate than all their travel details, but why not enter it all together at one time? It might be a little more work upfront, but it will save you time in the long run. Work smarter, not harder!

Others choose to keep their important details, such as flight numbers and confirmation codes on their phone. But let’s be honest, yes it’s the 21st century, and yes iPhones have taken over the world but when you are in a foreign country you can’t always rely on technology. Sometimes it’s best to have a good, old fashion, printout of your important travel information.

Want to see how it works?

Click here to view the sample budget sheet we created for our upcoming trip to South Africa. Please note that the information and prices on it are not all correct as this is just for example purposed.

Now that you see what it’s all about click here to download a blank version to help you create your budget and stay organized for your next trip!

Hope this resource helps you plan your budget and keep your important information together. Happy planning!

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